My First Article

Gary North is the Austrian economist and Reformed theologian who introduced to me the Austrian school of economics. He pioneered the idea about Christian economics solidly based on biblical exposition and sharing similar economic principles and practices with the Austrian school. He affirms that the Austrian school  is operating on the basis of what is given in nature.

After reading several books by Gary North, I decided to take a look at the pioneers of the Austrian school: Carl Menger, Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard, and F.A. Hayek. This is an ambitious task for me for I am no economist.

The first thing I did was to proceed to Google Reader and search for articles. Initially, I find three, which I set aside for a while to read later and summarize their contents that I will share in this first article. Then I clicked Google Reader’s “browse for stuff,” clicked “search” and typed “Austrian economists” searching for available feeds. I found a total of 28 feeds with 141 articles. This will be a very exciting task for me to read and write about these existing articles for me “to have a feel” of how Austrian economics is perceived in our time. And after finishing this task, I intend to read the books written by the pioneers themselves.

By the grace of God, I hope to do this in the coming days and it is my prayer that God will grant me the strength to remain focused in this “self-imposed task.” The reason why I am doing this is that I want to really understand what is going on in the present global economy. I know that I can no longer trust the existing media, politics, and the academe. I have to think for myself for most people I know are still living in the “Matrix.”

After listening for several months from the messages of Alex Jones, Edward Griffin, Ron Paul, and Peter Schiff, I came to realize that the world I live in is not the only world. In fact, the real world is very far from the world that is imposed upon us. Unfortunately, those who see better were pushed into the sideline and many have never even heard of their names. But I firmly believe that the time is changing for the Austrian school of economics to gain a hearing. If the present economic crisis will not cause people to find answers for what is going on, things will get worse. But this is for our good, for us to wake up from the Matrix and see the real world. In that world, the Austrian school will be vindicated.

Prayer of Gratitude

Thank you Dear Lord that in your providence you allowed me to encounter Gary North. Thank you for his influence. Thank you also for and other Austrian economists who I came to know through their writings. Thank you also for your word, for the light that comes from it. I also thank you for your Spirit for guiding me, encouraging me, strengthening me, and giving me motivation to pursue this study.

I pray for my friends to forgive them for their pious excuses. I have nothing to boast. It is only by your grace that I now see. Just like you did to me, enable them to also see what is really going on and pursue what is supposed to be done. Let not fear hinder them. Cause us to continually trust in you. Amen!


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