Nothing can stop us

Today, November 16, 2012, I received an email from a certain “Tea Party Economist”. I do not know of any other Tea Party economist except Gary North. The fact that North’s name is on the letterhead of the email made me curious to read the entire message from George Rayburn, the publisher of Stansberry Research.

The provided link led me to a video. Such type of video is familiar to me; it is an investment video, a video that predicts about the future of economy and calls for investors.

The basic insights are popular especially among libertarians and Austrian economic bloggers, but the conclusion is different. I did not finish the video. It’s too long for me.

I think the video is about oil and natural gas. Contrary to the analysis coming from alternative media that US will certainly suffer economic collapse, the speaker predicts an unstoppable trend that will make the US the number one oil supplier of the world. The general message is one of expanding economic and political power for President Obama and with it, a new level of prosperity for the US.

Which one to believe? Is the US about to collapse in the coming years or to soar further in power?

You can find the partial transcription of the message of the video here:

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