Biblical/Christian Economics

Biblical/Christian economics is based on the premise that man belongs to God. As His creature, God gave clear instructions to man how to govern his activities, including economic activity.

Man under the state of sin is not willing to listen to the word of his Creator. He decided to live his life and do his economic activity on his own. God has nothing to do with economizing man.

Man’s violation of God’s word results to negative economic sanctions. Examples of these are economic crises and wars. Without the restraining and saving grace of God, these sanctions would be far worst.

We are told that politicians and economists are looking for solution since the 2008 crisis. Different solutions are given. Some would even claim that no solutions are available. Countries will certainly default on their debts. It is just a matter of time.

We have listened to economists long enough. There is no hope that they will come up to an agreed solution.

We look to the theologians for guidance, but there is none. The Bible is given for the salvation of man and one can look in vain for economic answers. Yes, many of them acknowledge that the Bible offers a comprehensive view of life, but when it comes to specific economic solutions, there is scarcity in Christian literature.

What violations of economic principles did the modern man commit that resulted to the present economic mess? What Christians ought to do before and after the upcoming financial collapse?

A breakdown of existing monetary system is inevitable. Christians need to position themselves and provide with accurate answers as to how and why the breakdown happened in the first place. Christians need to know what the Bible teaches about this crisis and how to recover from it. This means that Christians must study the Bible with specific economic questions in mind believing that the Bible can provide them answers “better” than the economists have given so far.

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