Poverty is the Best Policy


William Graham Sumner describes this poverty policy as “a new maxim for judicious living” (p. 22). And the substance of the policy is this: “If you get wealth, you will have to support other people; if you do not get wealth, it will be the duty of other people to support you” (ibid.).

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Reintroducing the Forgotten Man


Understanding an old lecture such as the Forgotten Man is so important in an age when most people find it difficult to distinguish between erroneous and solid economic ideas. William Graham Sumner aims to expose “one of the most subtle and widespread social fallacies” (p. 465). This is because the Forgotten Man is the unseen victim in all clamors for social reform. In this article, I want to divide my topic into four parts to help you understand the misery of the Forgotten Man: preliminary considerations, situations where the Forgotten Man has been totally ignored, his identity, and suggestions to relieve his burden. 

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